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Product Care

General Product Care

All of our products are solid brass, crafted to exacting standards. Each OMNIA design is hand polished and highly buffed, after which a hard, transparent lacquer finish is baked on for extra durability.

Polished, lacquered brass will eventually age, a natural process. The speed at which this process occurs varies according to many different factors. Lacquer can break down due to atmospheric conditions, exposure to cleaning products, paints, stains or even water; elements over which we have no control.

If you wish to maintain the rich lustre of its original polished condition, some steps are necessary.

  • After initial installation, apply a non-abrasive wax (such as beeswax) to the entire visible trim and polish with a soft flannel cloth. Please follow the wax manufacturer’s instructions carefully.
  • We recommend this process be done monthly to maintain the highly polished finish. (The wax will protect the brass from outside elements, however it will not prevent scratching.)
  • To achieve the traditional antique brass finish, do not apply any waxes and allow your hardware to age naturally.

OMNIA is committed to providing you with an unparalleled selection of quality hardware that is both durable and has long-lasting beauty. Our goals are straightforward: beautiful products that enhance their setting, perform flawlessly and are sensibly priced.

Max-Brass® Care

Like the durable finishes applied to automobiles, the Max·Brass™ finish still requires periodic maintenance. A build-up may occur if maintenance is not performed, which may create a haze or darker look to the finish. This is neither tarnish nor a defect in the Max·Brass™ finish.

The Max·Brass™ finish can be maintained simply by wiping with a soft cloth and glass cleaner; or as an alternative, a non-abrasive metal polish, such as “Flitz”, which can be purchased at any hardware store. DO NOT use metal polishes that contain abrasives.

This maintenance will bring back or maintain the original brilliance of the Max·Brass™ finish.

Stainless Steel Care

OMNIA’s Stainless Steel requires minimal attention and will not tarnish or corrode under normal circumstances. However, exposure to certain chemical or environmental conditions may, over time, promote surface oxidation. Please be aware that this is not a defect in the stainless steel but a reaction on the surface of the finish to the chemical environment which can be removed with a stainless steel polish.

Vintage Care

Vintage Brass, Vintage Copper, Vintage Iron

The distressing process used to create the Vintage finishes on solid brass makes each individually crafted item unique from the other. Finishes will vary in color and in darkness. These finishes will change in time and are not guaranteed.

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