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OMNIA Introduces Prodigy

Prodigy… an impressive or wonderful example of a particular quality. Prodigy…. a compelling collection from OMNIA that marks a new era in their nearly fifty year legacy of manufacturing elegant, high-quality door hardware FORGED from solid brass.

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Expansion of OMNIA TRADITIONS Line

In recent years, OMNIA introduced a line of classic, yet transitional door hardware that was extremely well-received due to the beauty and versatility of the designs. Today, OMNIA TRADITIONS is enhanced with the addition of five timeless styles.

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Introduction of Ultima Pulls

Featuring simple, linear designs, the Ultima collection of pulls expands upon the existing OMNIA cabinet hardware line. A wide assortment of lengths offers the perfect design and size for any drawer or cabinet door throughout the home.

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OMNIA Launches Line of Multipoint Trim

In response to recent demand, OMNIA has added Multipoint Trim to its door hardware offerings. Manufactured using the highest quality brass and stainless steel, this line will allow consumers to upgrade the hardware on their swinging glass patio doors. The design options complement any aesthetic, be it traditional, modern or ornate.

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OMNIA Expands Its Popular Line Of Modern Levers

OMNIA’s newest additions to its popular line of modern levers are the perfect choice for anyone who appreciates modern design. By featuring more movement than the existing models, these eight new designs offer a softer, more fluid look to the contemporary scheme. Manufactured using the same state of the art production and finishing processes that OMNIA is known for, these new offerings marry cutting edge technology with forward-thinking design.

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Item No.Urban w/ 43 trim (Exterior Modern Tubular Deadbolt Entrance Handleset Lockset - Stainless Steel)

Introduction of the Urban Handleset

The Urban Stainless Steel Handleset is the ideal choice for the entrance of any modern residence. Designed to be paired with our stainless steel levers, the clean, rectangular lines provide the perfect finishing details both inside and out. In addition to complementing contemporary design, stainless steel is also highly resistant to corrosion and easy to maintain.

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OMNIA Introduces the Stainless Steel Square Rose and Stainless Steel Square Auxiliary Deadbolt

In response to recent demand and the success of the square rose in our brass line, OMNIA is now offering a Stainless Steel Square Rose. The Stainless Steel Square Rose can be paired with any of our sixteen stainless steel lever styles to create latchsets which perfectly complement contemporary décor. As illustrated in the accompanying photos, designs such as our #12 and #25 are exquisitely framed by the square rose. When used with a pre-drilled door, the Stainless Steel Square Rose will cover a 2-1/8″ hole.

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Introduction of OMNIA TRADITIONS Line

For over forty years, OMNIA has been recognized in the industry for manufacturing architectural hardware of incomparable design and superior quality. While we have expanded the scope of our product line over the years to accommodate market trends, we have always retained a focus on classic, traditional designs. With the introduction of OMNIA TRADITIONS, we present fourteen new and existing knob and lever designs that can be seamlessly integrated into residential or commercial projects requiring a more timeless style.

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Omnia Introduces the Square Rose

The Square Rose is the most recent addition to Omnia’s product line. Able to be used with both latchsets and mortise locksets, the Square Rose is a unique choice for contemporary designs. This rose can be paired with any Omnia lever. When paired with a modern lever, like the no. 36, the linear rose echoes the straight lines of the squared handle, creating a graceful transition.

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Omnia Presents Two New Stainless Steel Designs

The continued popularity of Omnia’s stainless steel latchsets has lead to an expansion of the line with two new lever designs. The 45 and 47 levers provide new options previously not seen in Omnia’s straight lined stainless steel designs. Both pleasing to the eye and touch, each lever contains an elegant arch.

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