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Smart now comes in every style.

In an industry first, OMNIA+ Level locks bring together iconic designs with the latest smart conveniences. You can now find the perfect lock for any home – without compromising style for smarts. Powered by the invisible Level Bolt, the OMNIA+ Level line brings all-new possibilities to some of our best selling locks.

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Find the lock that matches your look.

Search the range of locks that come with unmatched conveniences of a smart lock.

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The OMNIA+ Level product line is made smart by Level Bolt, the first and only invisible smart lock. The Level Bolt is powered by one CR2 battery, not hardwired. With technology thoughtfully hidden inside the door, you’re free to express your unique style on the outside.

Level Bolt works with the Level app to provide keyless entry and is available for iOS and Android. Automatically lock and unlock your door, see who’s come and gone, access from anywhere, use with other devices, control with your voice, create home automations, and more. Works with Apple HomeKit, Ring and Alexa.

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